Dual technology PIR and glass-break detector

NAVY dual technology detector combines the motion detection using PIR technology with acoustic glass-break detector. This combination is an ideal solution for complex protection of rooms with large windows. Independent alarm outputs for both motion and glass-break detection allows the control panel to precisely identify the source of alarm.

  • new generation digital detection algorithm that ensures good performance
  • ambient temperature compensation
  • independent sensitivity adjustment of PIR and glass-break detection
  • two independent alarm outputs
  • pet immunity option (up to 15 kg)
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updated: 2019-02-19
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EU declaration of conformity
updated: 2013-06-18
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Technical Data

Supply voltage
12 V DC
Detected target velocity
0,3...3 m/s
Operating temperature range
-10...+55 °C
Recommended mounting height
2,4 m
Standby mode current consumption
7,5 mA
Max. current consumption
10 mA
100 g
Relay contacts rated load (resistive)
40 mA / 16 V DC
Maximum humidity
63 x 96 x 49 mm
Environmental class according to EN50130-5
Alarm signaling time
2 s
Warm-up period
30 s
Glassbreak detection range
up to 6 m

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