Arm/Disarm proximity reader

The INT-IT-2 module is a proximity card / tag reader, used to control partitions in the alarm systems based on the control panels of INTEGRA and VERSA series. Using this module enables the assigned zones to be armed / disarmed without having to remember and enter the code: arming control is achieved by bringing the passive transponder (e.g. proximity card) close to the module. This operation is confirmed visually (by LEDs) as well as acoustically.

The reader supports the UNIQUE, EM4001, EM4002, EM4003, EM4102 transponders standards. It is compatible with the BTicino (Magic Int Living, Living Light) and Gewiss (PLAYBUS, SYS) system enclosures.

  • arm/disarm function by proximity cards
  • selection of operated partitions
  • 3 arming modes
  • status display based on 3 LEDs
  • buzzer acknowledgment
  • compatible with BTicino (Magic, Living Int, Living Light) and Gewiss (PlayBus, SYS) systems
  • supported also by the VERSA alarm control panels


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updated: 2011-12-21
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EU declaration of conformity
updated: 2020-11-20
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Technical Data

Operating frequency
125 kHz
Keypads with addititonal zones
Supply voltage
12 V DC
Board dimensions
22 x 47 x 50 mm
Operating temperature range
-10…+55 °C
Max. current consumption
80 mA
Maximum humidity
Environmental class according to EN50130-5
Supported card standards
UNIQUE, EM4001, EM4002, EM4003, EM4102

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