Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering is a special kind of joint actions of the company and its employees. It consists in undertaking charitable work by the entrepreneur for the benefit of the needy and the surrounding community, and all such activities take place with the voluntary cooperation of the company's employees.

SATEL has for many years supported organizations that help the sick and needy children. Its attention is focused primarily on institutions operating in Pomerania, the region where the seat of the company is located. SATEL's employees willingly engage in all supportive actions, not just by providing financial resources and devoting their time, but - above all - by opening their hearts to help others.


Pomerania for Children Foundation (Fundacja Pomorze Dzieciom)

Since 2014, SATEL has been supporting the Pomerania for Children Foundation, providing funds for its statutory purposes, which is caring for terminally ill children. In addition, the company promotes charity campaigns organized by the Foundation, such as "Podaruj Bąbla Bąblowi", to make small donations and provide medical care for children.

Pomerania for Children Foundation website


Hospice Foundation (Fundacja Hospicyjna)

Since 2005, SATEL has been supporting the Hospice Foundation, providing funds for its statutory activity, which is to promote the hospice ideas in the society.

Hospice Foundation website


Pomeranian Hospice for Children (Pomorskie Hospicjum dla Dzieci)

In the years 2010 - 2013, SATEL supported the Pomeranian Hospice for Children, buying medical equipment for children with money collected by the employees. SATEL also supports the "Come To The Stadium, Help Children" event, organized regularly in the PGE Arena Gdańsk. It is a sports event, whose main attraction is the football matches. Various teams, also those representing sponsors, including SATEL, take part in the competition. The climax of the event is the match between football teams consisting of stars. At the same time, fundraising for the children under care of the Pomeranian Hospice for Children foundation takes place throughout the day.

Pomeranian Hospice for Children website


Janusz Korczak Young Children's Home in Gdańsk (Dom Małego Dziecka im. J. Korczaka w Gdańsku)

In the years 2007-2009, SATEL supported the Janusz Korczak Young Children's Home in Gdańsk. Funds and gifts in the form of clothing, food, hygiene products and toys were handed over for the children under care.

Janusz Korczak Young Children's Home in Gdańsk website