Visual content from SATEL available now at

Today customers buy products with their eyes, so having a good offer is often not enough. It needs to be presented in an attractive and transparent way to interest the recipient. Now you can do this with our visual content.

You can browse them in our brand new file database, available after logging in to the service. We’ve shared various pictures of individual products and kits, schematics, logos alongside social media graphics (static and animations), created by our graphic designers in different formats and languages.

Thanks to the search engine function, you can quickly find the content you need. To facilitate browsing of files, we have implemented filters that will narrow down the search results - to the indicated file types or specific products.

Log in to Support tab on our website, and check out the new feature.
All new graphic materials prepared by SATEL will now be available here.

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  Visual content from SATEL available now at


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