Monitoring and Messaging

The shriek alone cannot heal the sustained wound by itself and, likewise, the alarm signaling only by means of sound or light, no matter how spectacular, will not solve the burglary problem. Especially, that you may be away from home or another site protected by alarm system during the burglary. Moreover, in the alarm system there may occur a trouble or another event which is so important for you that you want to be informed about it. This is why the advanced burglary and panic alarm systems are equipped with mechanisms and devices designed for monitoring and messaging. The monitoring and messaging functions are effected via the telephone line. The idea of telephone monitoring consists in corresponding signals being sent by the alarm control panel to the monitoring station, i.e. the receiving unit. As a rule, the monitoring services are offered by security agencies, where the information collected by the monitoring station is analyzed in online mode and, if necessary, decision on intervention is taken. The messaging function is effected by the alarm control panel by means of voice messages played back by speech synthesizers, orĀ  text messages sent in a suitable format to the pager or, as the SMS messages, to the cellular phone. Thus the owner of the alarm system, or any person authorized by him, can be informed in real time about alarms or other selected events in the protected premises.



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  Monitoring and Messaging