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Discover new devices working as part of the MICRA system (433 MHz),
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New products and new functionalities

New products and new functionalities

At the beginning of 2015, SATEL has the pleasure to present a number of new products that extend the capabilities of wireless systems, as well as new features for the devices that are already on offer. Their introduction was made possible by using the latest technologies and innovative solutions implemented by SATEL's engineers. Moreover, all these changes are closely related. How? See for yourself:

What's new in SATEL's offer at the beginning of 2015?

Firstly, excellent operating ranges

ACU-120 / ACU-270

The ACU-120 and ACU-270 are new controllers of the ABAX wireless system. They replace the existing ACU-100 and ACU-250 models. Both new devices can be used with the control panels of INTEGRA and VERSA families, allowing expansion of the alarm system by adding wireless devices. A special extra feature of the ACU-120 model is the diversification of antennas, which improves quality of the signal.

Both new controllers are equipped with an up-to-date radio system and thus can offer excellent operating ranges - up to 500 m in open area!

Schemat ABAX

But that's not all!

In addition to their excellent ranges, the ACU-120 and ACU-270 controllers also offer new system operating capabilities: by using two-way remote control keyfobs of the ABAX system, as well as fully wireless keypads.


Secondly, fully wireless operation of the alarm system


The VERSA-LCDM-WRL is a designation of the aforementioned keypad, designed to work as part of the ABAX two-way system. The keypad allows operation and programming of the VERSA control panels by means of the ACU-120 and ACU-270 controllers, while providing full functionality known to date from the wired devices. It also has a built-in proximity card reader.

The VERSA-LCDM-WRL keypad, like the new controllers, offers excellent ranges: up to 500 m
in open area!

The VERSA-LCDM-WRL keypad is supported by VERSA control panels having firmware version v1.04 or later.


Thirdly, easy reading of cards


The CZ-USB-1 is a reader that plugs directly into a computer USB port. This is something entirely new in SATEL's offer, that enables quick and convenient assignment of new cards, keyfobs, etc. to the users directly in the DLOADX program. This simple and useful solution saves time and makes the job easier for anyone involved in administration of the alarm system!


Fourthly, new features in well-known devices

In parallel with the development of new products, engineers and developers from SATEL are also working on expansion of the rich functionality of devices which have already found their permanent place in SATEL's product offering.

At the beginning of the year, two new versions of the firmware of well-known and valued products were released. Due to the introduced changes, a very useful solution has been created that enables interaction of the INT-TSG keypad with the VERSA family control panels!


A new version of 4.3”

The INT-TSG touchscreen keypad with firmware version v1.03 has the following additional features:

  • compatibility with VERSA control panels (firmware v1.04 or newer)
  • wake-up option
  • photo frame option
  • volume control

VERSA 5/10/15

5, 10, 15

The VERSA family control panels, thanks to the firmware version v1.04, have been provided with the following options of system control:

  • operation by means of the VERSA-LCDM-WRL wireless keypads
  • operation using the INT-TSG touch-screen keypads

2015 a year of innovations from SATEL

The new products of January 2015 are a huge leap in the quality of wireless systems, which directly translates into new capabilities and areas of application of the ABAX systems. They mean also a new quality of daily operation for the owners of wireless systems.

However, the solutions presented above are just the beginning of a series of innovations that SATEL will have the pleasure to present in 2015. More information coming soon!


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