Presentation of VERSA Plus control panel in Italy - SATEL Italia 

From the 1st to the 3rd October 2014, SATEL's representatives had the pleasure to visit the head office of SATEL Italia, the exclusive distributor for the Italian market. It was a great opportunity to meet directly with the owners of Italian companies redistributing SATEL devices. The conference was hosted by the experts, including, on behalf of SATEL Italia - Antonella Renaldi, Owner of the Company, Lucio Marcattilio, Sales Manager, and Fabio Morganti, Technical Specialist, and on behalf of SATEL - Mateusz Krawiec, Sales Consultant for Exports. Mr. Leszek Polakiewicz and Mr. Grzegorz Rutkowski, Members of SATEL's Management Board were the special guests.

The meeting, which was held in a charming restaurant located on the beach in the seaside town of Grottammare, was the place of the world premiere of the VERSA Plus hybrid panel, a long-awaited addition to SATEL's VERSA family. This unique device made an excellent impression on the large group of Italian specialists, because it allows you to create a modern, fully wireless alarm system, and also one that will be supplemented with hard-wired components. Moreover, the advanced structure of this panel enables communication within the system via as many as three channels (Ethernet, PSTN, GSM/GPRS), thus providing efficient and reliable messaging, control and configuration.

The presentation also included various solutions that enable easy management of the system based on the VERSA Plus control panel: remotely - through the VERSA CONTROL application for mobile devices, and locally - through the VERSA-LCDM-WRL fully wireless keypad. The fact that the VERSA Plus is fully compatible with the well-recognized, award-winning INT-TSG touch keypad was also emphasized.

During the conference, the OPAL outdoor dual-tech detector, which was expected by the market, was also officially announced. This is the first device of its type in SATEL's portfolio, which will offer a remarkable resistance to adverse weather conditions, including moisture.

Te solutions presented in Grottammare are a response to the expectations and needs of the Italian market. For this reason, the presentation of the VERSA Plus control panel met with a great interest among the owners of all the most important redistribution companies, which is a cause for pride and satisfaction for SATEL and SATEL Italia.

Design and technologies used in the VERSA Plus control panel, as well as the functionality it offers, make it a versatile device. The alarm system with this device at its heart can be perfectly customized to the needs and features of each small or medium-size building, providing a sense of peace and security.


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