ARMO/SATEL training – another visit from Russian guests to Gdansk

In February 2014, SATEL had the pleasure to host at its headquarters 10 specialists from five Russian redistribution companies: DISSKOM (Krasnodar), TINKO (Moscow), "Special Service Veterans - Engineering" (St. Petersburg), as well as CERBER and "Comprehensive Security Systems" (both from Perm). They came to Poland to take part in the training organized jointly by SATEL and the ARMO company, which has been for many years the exclusive distributor of SATEL's products in Russia, intensively promoting them and ensuring the highest level of offered services. ARMO also places great emphasis on educating its Customers in terms of functionality of SATEL's products – hence the idea of joint training was born, which is being implemented in several stages.

During the February visit to Poland, the Russian experts had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the products from INTEGRA, ABAX and MICRA series, as well as with the monitoring devices. They also visited the laboratory, as well as SATEL's design and production departments on Budowlanych Street in Gdansk, where they could observe the whole process of creating individual devices – from the concept to the finished product with its packaging. During the training, they also learned some interesting ways of transferring knowledge about products in SATEL's portfolio. At the end of the meeting the participants received certificates to confirm completion of the training.

The training, which took place at the end of February 2014, was the latest in a series of planned visits from experts of Russian companies to Gdansk – the report of the previous meeting is available here. Next training courses are scheduled for March, June and July 2014. Altogether, the training will be attended by specialists from 30 companies from all over Russia.


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