SATEL's participation in BEZPEKA 2013 fairs

On 15-18 October 2013, together with DEFENCE, our exclusive Distributor for the Ukrainian, we had the pleasure to exhibit our products on the BEZPEKA fairs. It was already the 17th edition of the fairs which are considered as the largest and most prestigious event devoted to electronic safety systems in Ukraine.

On our stand, we hosted numerous professionals involved in installing electronic safety systems. Our devices generated considerable interest. A particular large group of visitors enjoyed our exhibition devoted to new touchscreen keypads (INT-TSGINT-TSI) and the CSP products group dedicated to fire safety. There were also lots of topics to discuss and experiences to exchange as regards the ABAX and MICRA wireless devices or the STAM-2 monitoring station. The stand also exhibited the latest detectors which are already highly-praised by installers on the Polish market. During numerous conversations the fact that SATEL, as the only global producer, has been regularly introducing a large number of new products to its offer was highlighted. In conjunction with high and stable quality and state-of-the-at solutions, the company has achieved a position of a reliable and widely-recommended security systems producer on the Ukrainian market.

We chaired two seminars during the fairs. The first one was devoted to the new quality in controlling alarm system possible thanks to the latest touchscreen controllers using the technology well-known from tablets and smartphones. Controllers with panoramic 4.3” and 7” screens are the most advanced devices offered by SATEL used to control a smart system based on the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels. Apart from controlling alarm systems, their functionality also includes operation of home automation systems. The feature differentiating INT-TSI from other touchscreen controllers available on the market is the possibility of full interface customisation to users' needs. On the penultimate day of the fairs, our presentation included the latest product family which is a perfect complement to the SATEL offer. The CSP fire alarm system is state-of-the-art conventional equipment to be installed in in smaller facilities requiring a dedicated fire alarm system, e.g. in small hotels, guest houses, kindergartens, schools, libraries, livestock facilities, museums, bank branches, archives or manufacturing-warehousing halls. The CSP system is also an ideal solution for securing single rooms, i.e. locker rooms, server rooms or storerooms.

We would like to thank everybody who visited our stand at the fairs. Our clients' opinions are extremely valuable for us. The products we create are to meet your expectations and requirements so each comment is regarded as a valuable piece of information and analysed by our company. While designing new devices or modifying the existing ones, we always listen to the voices from the market. Thanks to being close to our direct recipients we are able to create good products which, as a consequence, are used in numerous homes having positive impact not only on the inhabitants' safety, but the comfort of their everyday lives as well.

See you during the next edition of the BEZPEKA fairs.



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