VERSA and MICRA - together now

Alarm systems employing wireless communication between detectors and control panels have become more and more popular. This results mainly from streamlining that installation activities, thanks to eliminating the time-consuming wiring process and technological developments making it possible to design energy efficient and reliable communications solutions. Installers and designers of both simple alarm systems and more complex installations combining alarm functions with building automation systems willingly take advantage of the benefits resulting from implementing wireless solutions. 

The VERSA-MCU module is a new product introduced in the SATEL offer to complement the current range of wireless solutions. It makes it possible to use MICRA system wireless detectors in VERSA systems providing a perfect alternative to more advanced ABAX devices in applications for which economy is the key aspect. The MICRA system devices range is more than sufficient to create simple alarm systems. Among the available wireless devices, we offer motion detectors with the pet immunity functions MPD-300, magnetic door and window opening detectors MMD-300, smoke and heat detectors MSD-300and flood detectors MFD-300.


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  VERSA and MICRA - together now