Satel hosts Perschmann

On 15 November, in our quarters at Budowlanych Street, we had the pleasure to host the Perschmann company, the partner of the Hoffmann Group. Perschmann is a company involved in distribution of a broad assortment of tools provided by leading manufacturers from around the world. Its offer includes monolithic, collapsible, abrasive and handheld tools as well as measuring instruments, handles, holders and workshop equipment. Within the scope of works performed in the Toolshop Department, SATEL continuously uses high-quality Hoffmann tools in the injection moulds production processes. Our long-standing cooperation has resulted in a concept to organise training (by means of SATEL moulders) for companies operating in the northern region which already use or plan to use Hoffmann tools in their daily operation.

From early morning, we prepared the presentation entitled "GARANT 360° Tooling".  This is the name of the effective repairs & maintenance and services connected with optimised machining processes. GARANT 360°Tooling streamlines process planning and designing as it improves efficiency of execution and operation of tools and also guarantees a restrictive quality control system.

Over 60 persons present at the meeting participated in the presentation, training on machines located in the SATEL Toolshop Department and a short training connected with the ToolSkout program facilitating a right selection of tools and calculations of process parameters.

We would like to thank the Perschmann company for choosing us for the presentation. We hope that the whole undertaking has familiarised other companies with the high-quality Hoffmann Group products.




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