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Discover new devices working as part of the MICRA system (433 MHz),
radio controllers of the new RK series, as well as the modular distance
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INT-TSI + DAHUA door stations

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Functionality of the video intercom in the keypad.
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  • system control from any place in the world
  • quick and simple installation and setup
  • safe, encrypted sending of data Mobile transmission or Wi-Fi
  • intuitive interface which ensures convenient control over the system every day

June novelties from SATEL

At SATEL, we always try to meet the expectations of our Customers. Therefore, we care not only about the implementation of new devices, but also about continuous development of the products already on offer. We are pleased to announce that since the beginning of June 2011 new items have been added to our price list. The news are not just about our devices, but also about our services. We hope that they will gain recognition both from the industry experts and the users.

INT-KSG-SSWThe new additions to our offer include, inter alia, the INT-KSG-SSW touch sensor keypad with enclosure in a new color combination. This model fits better with interiors decorated in bright colors.




INT-VGThe INT-VG is a total novelty among the devices offered. This module allows you to remotely control the alarm system by telephone, using the voice menu. Thus all you need to do to remotely operate your system is to select audibly presented options by using the phone keypad. This is one of the most intuitive methods of remote system control. A peculiarity in the design of this module is the use of text-to-speech processing technology. With this solution, the installer does not have any longer to record a series of messages using the microphone. The full functionality of the module can be used in conjunction with all control panels of the INTEGRA and VERSA series.

TD-1Another novelty in the offer is the TD-1 temperature detector. This device allows responding to events related to the temperature in alarm systems. This is particularly useful in complex systems providing home automation functions. When appropriately programmed, the detector will respond to exceeding the preset upper or lower temperature limit, as well as to the speed of its change. The external sensor, a component of the set, in combination with a legible display and programming keys, increases versatility of the device. Consequently, the field of its application may extend far beyond the standard alarm systems.


ATD-100Quite different is the use of the ATD-100 wireless temperature detector. It can complement the extensive hybrid alarm system with the function of the room temperature reading and display it on the INT-KSG keypad screen. Thus you can easily check the temperature in the room of interest, not necessarily staying in it.



STAM-2 PROMajor changes have also taken place in that part of our offer which relates to the components and systems of monitoring stations. Among the new products, the STAM-2 PRO system has been made available. It allows, in comparison with the basic version of the system, the implementation of remote management and control of the systems based on the INTEGRA series control panels from the monitoring station level. Such a solution will be appreciated primarily by the multi-branch corporations and organizations which have the central security management units in place. There is also a possibility of upgrading the program to the PRO version for the owners of the basic STAM-2 system.


STAM-VIEWStill another novelty is the STAM-VIEW system that provides an option of remote monitoring of incoming events to the monitoring station users. This solution will facilitate diagnostics of the monitoring path by the installers. It is also worth mentioning that our activities in the provision of consultancy services will be extended. Under the pricelist items of STAM-2 BE, STAM-2 BT, STAM-IRS and STAM-2 PRO, we offer professional training at our company headquarters. Your participation in it will allow you to smoothly implement even the most advanced configurations, based on different transmission techniques.



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