The MobileKPD2 is an application designed for phones with touch screen that allows you to remotely control the alarm system based on the INTEGRA alarm control panel. Upon starting the application and establishing communication with the system, the phone screen acts as an LCD keypad, providing access to all control panel functions available to the user. This solution not only allows you to operate the system remotely, but also provides for a convenient way to activate the night armed mode when the user is in the bedroom. Just use your phone to put the system in the supervision mode and ensure a peaceful night's sleep.

In order to use the MobileKPD2 application, the INTEGRA system must be equipped with the ETHM-1 communications module, whereby the control panel is connected to the Internet. On the phone side, you can use any technology to connect to the Internet: GPRS / EDGE, 3G or WIFI. In order to ensure security, data transmission between the application and the alarm system is encrypted using the AES algorithm with 192 bit key.

The MobileKPD2 is available in two versions, the choice depending on the operating system used on the touch screen phone. The 'Java' version is designed for devices that support the J2ME Java environment (phones running Symbian, Samsung Bada, Windows Mobile). For the mobile phones based on the Google's Android operating system, a dedicated version of the application has been developed. 'Java' version can be downloaded free of charge from the website, optimized for mobile devices. Android version can be downloaded from Android Market.

The list of phones that support the MobileKPD2 application as Java and Android can be found at:,Program-to-monitor-the-INTEGRA-alarm-system




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