About the website

The www.satel.pl service conforms to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines. Its design is based on CSS layout styles and DIV layers. AJAX technology ensures more interactive operation of SATEL's internet service.

Main advantages of the new satel.pl site layout include:

  • separation of the information presentation layer from the contents layer by using Cascade Style Sheet (CSS) style formatting
  • tableless layout to facilitate navigation throughout the service
  • suitable content hierarchy: using headings, lists and other elements for easier understanding of the service structure without necessity of graphical presentation
  • alternative descriptions for graphic elements and links

The SATEL's internet service has been tested on most of the leading web browsers, however it is optimized for Firefox 3. Hence, for the best comfort while visiting our service we recommend that you use the latest version of Firefox, which you can download at:


The news included in our service are available on the Company's RSS channel. The RSS channel can be displayed in your mail program, on your desktop or in a special reader. After installation, just paste into the reader the following link to SATEL's RSS page:


When developing the new SATEL website, we made efforts to ensure that it conforms to worldwide standards in terms of technology and that the service is friendly to internet users who are visiting it. The modifications included not only the graphic design, making the new website more legible and dynamic, but a new form of navigation has been introduced and every page of the service has been provided with a search box.

The main goal of our work during development of the new SATEL's service was to ensure that people visiting our site can find the required information easily and as quickly as possible, and also to present a full offer of SATEL's products.

We will be grateful for your comments and opinions regarding our new website. Please send your suggestions to the address [email protected]

Many thanks.