SATEL Technical Support platform for installers around the world

Providing professional customer support, especially regarding technical matters concerning the offered devices, is essential for every
hi-tech company. Being well aware of that, and being a company which cooperates worldwide with partners from over 40 countries, SATEL is very pleased to announce the grand opening of:


official international SATEL Technical Support platform


Technical Support platform was created to address the needs of distributors and installers from around the world. For all those, who work with SATEL' products on a daily basis or are planning to do so, we prepared a lot of unique and very useful content.

e-Academy SATEL

This is a multimedia project for installers, designed for easy professional knowledge expansion on SATEL devices and solutions. Each instructional video focuses on different product or subject, providing interesting information, valuable clues and helpful tricks to make your everyday work easier and quicker.

Systems configurators

We know how sometimes difficult and time-consuming it can be to create a proper system if you do it only with a piece of paper and a pencil. That is why we created systems' configurators - yes, not one, but two! The first one is called CONFX and it is dedicated to prearrange a set of products for intruder alarm systems in easy and intuitive manner. The second one, known as SSPX, allows you to preset a fire alarm system diagram in no-time.

Marketing materials

Are you looking for some high-resolution photos of our products to put in your printed materials or on your website? Maybe all you need are wallpapers to send to your clients? All of these are also available at SATEL Technical Support platform.

SATEL Technical Support platform contains professional, exclusive materials and information - most of them never published elsewhere. That is why they are available for registered users only.

To create an account and start exploring international SATEL Technical Support platform please head to:


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  SATEL Technical Support platform for installers around the world

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