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smoke detector


Bezprzewodowa czujka dymu- ASD-150

Fast and reliable detection of the fire hazard is the basis for fire protection. Therefore, it is advisable that both residential and industrial buildings be equipped with a means of quick detection of visible smoke.

An excellent solution to ensure a high level of fire protection is the ASD-150 smoke detector.

ASD-150 can operate in two modes: standalone or as part of the ABAX system


The ASD-150 detector is an ideal solution for small-size buildings, where a highly efficient level of smoke detection is to be ensured, without however creating a whole fire detection and fire alarm system. This device meets the requirements of EN 14604 for stand-alone detectors, which is confirmed by a certificate issued by the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection.

ASD-150 - praca autonomiczna
ASD-150 - praca w ramach systemu ABAX


ASD-150 can also work as part of the ABAX system. If the system includes a number of such devices and smoke is detected by one of them, the information can be transmitted by the controller to the other ASD-150 detectors, which will trigger acoustic and optical alarm in them. Such a solution will greatly speed up the response time when a danger occurs, especially if the individual detectors are positioned, for example, in areas located on different floors.

can be used as a stand-alone device or as part of the two-way wireless ABAX system
simple switching between detector operating modes
loud acoustic signaling thanks to the used type of piezoelectric transducer
soiling resistance owing to the precision Hexamesh stainless steel filter
quicker smoke detection with the unique Swirl chamber
auto-diagnostics functions: monitoring of battery and optical chamber status
remotely activated test mode (when working as part of the ABAX system)
tamper protection against opening the enclosure (when working as part of the ABAX system)
test mode LED signaling
radio communication range up to 500 m (in open area)


ASD-150 can detect fire at its early stages of development, as soon as the visible smoke appears. This model can work either as part of the two-way wireless ABAX system or as a stand-alone device, which is confirmed by the certificate of compliance with EN 14604 for stand-alone detectors, issued by the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection.

For detection of visible smoke, an optical sensor located in a special chamber is used, which further speeds up the detection. When the concentration of smoke in the optical chamber exceeds a preset threshold, an alarm will be triggered.

Stand-alone operation: as soon as smoke is detected, the detector will alert people in the vicinity to danger, acoustically and optically.

Operation as part of ABAX system: the system can be programmed so that smoke detection by one detector can simultaneously trigger alarm signal in other selected ASD-150 detectors located in the premises.

ASD-150 will prove very useful in buildings where a high level of fire protection should be provided, but construction of a complete fire protection system is not necessarily required.

  • optical detector of visible smoke in accordance with EN 14604
  • stand-alone operation option
  • optical (LED) and acoustic (piezoelectric transducer) signaling of detected smoke
  • auto-diagnostic functions (checking the status of battery and optical chamber)
  • chamber soiling indication
  • tamper protection against opening and removal from mounting surface
  • power source: 3 V CR123A lithium battery
  • testing function

Product card


Information materials

 Technical Data


updated: 2017-04-11
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EU declaration of conformity
updated: 2016-12-22
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Declaration of performance
updated: 2016-12-22
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Other certificates
updated: 2017-03-21
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Technical Data

Enclosure dimensions
ø108 x 54 mm
Operating temperature range
0 °C...55 °C
Max. current consumption
120 mA
170 g
Operating frequency band
868,0 ÷ 868,6 MHz
Radio communication range (in open area)
up to 500 m
CR123A 3V
Standby current consumption
85 µA
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