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GPRS communication module

GPRS bus communication module for INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels.
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  • secure protection for apartments, small houses and small companies
  • cable, wireless or hybrid system
  • simple setup with PERFECTA Soft
  • convenient control with PERFECTA CONTROL application



  • system control from any place in the world
  • quick and simple installation and setup
  • safe, encrypted sending of data Mobile transmission or Wi-Fi
  • intuitive interface which ensures convenient control over the system every day



Backup power supply

APS-524 is a backup power supply with high output current of 5 A. It is designed to power devices operating at 24 V DC voltage, included in alarm systems, access control systems, or CCTV systems.

The high-efficiency switching power supply, which is used in its construction, provides good power performance with low thermal losses. Owing to the direct supply from 230 V AC mains, the device does not require installation of any additional network transformer. APS-524 is provided with overheating, short circuit and overload protection. Additionally, it has the input noise filter and power correction circuit.

Metal housing of the power supply can accommodate two 17 Ah gel lead-acid batteries, which are connected in parallel and thus ensure long operating time in case of mains power loss. Microprocessor-based battery charge testing, precise voltage regulation and automatic disconnection in the event of excessive discharge are used to ensure good condition of the batteries and extend their service life, reducing the risk of damage.

The power supply is provided with a tamper switch. Four LEDs are used to indicate presence of mains power, battery status and trouble occurrence due to overheating or output overload. The troubles, if any, are also signaled acoustically. The alarm system is notified about troubles owing to four OC type outputs. Changes in their status provide information about excessive operating temperature, battery voltage drop below the permissible level, output overload or mains power loss.

  • high efficiency mains powered switching mode power supply with 24 V DC output
  • 5 A power supply capacity
  • short circuit, overload and overheat protection
  • desgined for use with sealed lead-acid batteries
  • current controlled battery charging circuit
  • battery deep discharge protection
  • 4 OC outputs for remote supervision
  • optical indication for mains, battery, overload and overheating status
  • acoustic failure indication
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updated: 2016-12-08
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EU declaration of conformity
updated: 2018-02-27
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Technical Data

OC outputs rating
max. 50 mA
Power supply type
Enclosure dimensions
403 x 323 x 100 mm
Board dimensions
233 x 73 mm
Operating temperature range
+5…+45 °C
Supply voltage
230 V AC
Recommended battery
2 × 12 V/17 Ah
Weight without the battery
3,4 kg
Rated output voltage
24 V DC
Output current
5 A
Maximum battery charging current
1 or 2 A
Energy efficiency
up to 83%
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