SATEL has a leading domestic market position in an intruder alarm industry, specializing in designing, production and sale of high-quality electronic alarm system devices, active on polish market since 1990.

Highly qualified engineers, outstanding machine park efficiency and its versatility allow the company to maintain a competitive edge on the entire range of products. Thanks to that SATEL’s offer is still widening up, which effects in a growing number of satisfied clients and a leading position on polish market and well known brand on over 40 foreign markets. SATEL’s activity is not just designing and production of electronic devices but also fully individually elaborated and manufactured plastic element. SATEL’s manufacturing activity is complemented by technical support, sales department and creative marketing team.

In connection with dynamic company development we keep on searching for ambitious, creative and open minded people, who are ready to involve themselves in building together a strong brand. In return we offer a job in a company which has a strong position, gives an opportunity for rising up qualifications and professional development in a young and dynamic team.

Please send your documents to: [email protected]

Our mission is to obtain our leading market position in an intruder alarm industry, by offering solutions based on the latest technologies. Over 280 employees actively involved in achieving that task together with permanent, dynamic growth of production field create a bright way to attain that target.

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