Access control system


The ACCO NET is a completely new, scalable access control system with distributed system. The main components of this solution are: ACCO Server software and ACCO-NT control panels. The actuators are ACCO-KP door controllers, to which readers for user identification are connected.

  • Distributed system
  • Central management
  • Remote control

Owing to extensive functionality, intuitive management methods as well as flexibility of building and expanding the system structure, the ACCO NET meet the requirements of large and medium-sized multi-departmental enterprises, such as retail chains, bank branches, customer service centers and other institutions. Simplicity and ease of use of the system is guaranteed by the ACCO-WEB internet application available remotely through the web browser. This tool allows you to manage the system from anywhere in the world, both from desktops and mobile devices.

ACCO NET - zalety

Flexibility of the system

  • unlimited number of objects in different configurations of system structure
  • many smaller objects gathered in one centrally managed system
  • system of unlimited size, managed from many places at the same time
  • support for 65,000 users
ACCO NET - zalety

Distributed system

  • ability to control and configure the system
    from any place in the world:
    • system management by multiple administrators
    • system supervision by security personnel
    • system operation by the users

    ACCO NET - zalety

    Reliable and secure communication

    • data transmission using
      TCP/IP protocol
    • advanced encryption
      of transmitted data
    ACCO NET - zalety

    Simple and intuitive interface

    • access to the system from web browser using ACCO-WEB application
    • operating the ACCO-WEB from mobile devices
    • fast and easy reading of cards, key tags with the CZ-USB reader connected directly to the computer port
    ACCO NET - zalety

    Full operational safety

    • system of multi-level recording of user data and event log
    • automatic downloading of “outstanding” data after connection resumption
    ACCO NET - zalety

    Diverse methods of user identification

    • card / key tag
    • access code
    • iButton


    Retail chains

    Bank branches


    Multi-departmental enterprises

    System functionality

    Operation of the ACCO NET system is based on the access control zones, which enables advanced management of user privileges. First of all,
    you can create passageways between zones, according to which users will move around in the premises. In addition, the anti-passback feature eliminates the possibility of re-using the ID to enter the protected
    zone without first leaving it.

    The ACCO NET system is a flexible, scalable and secure solution. Communication between the ACCO Server and the ACCO‑NT control panels is encrypted which prevents unauthorized interference with the system.

    Owing to the ability to generate reports in the most popular formats (XML, CSV, PDF) and to fully control attendance, the ACCO NET system makes it possible to count the working time according to pre-programmed and assigned rules and calendar. It is also possible to check the current location of the user as well as the path along which he or she moved.

    System ACCO NET umoliwia generowanie raportów w najbardziej popularnych formatach (XML, CSV, PDF)

    ACCO NET allows you to create a system for

    65,000 users

    System structure

    Advanced software

    The ACCO NET is an access control system, the management, administration and configuration of which are based on advanced software. Its components are installed on a computer running Debian or CentOS system and may, depending on the size of the system, reside on a single machine or even on three separate ones.

    • The ACCO Server software is responsible for communication between an unlimited number of control panels. The result is a system that can manage any number of objects to create a distributed, scalable, global system. Communication takes place via encrypted TCP/IP transmission.
    • The ACCO-DB database stores configuration and information on the structure of the system, data of 65,000 users and unlimited number of events.
    • The ACCO-WEB application server allows you to manage access to objects from anywhere in the world
      via a web browser.

    ACCO-NT control panel

    • Responsible for communication between door controllers and ACCO Server.
    • Has two RS-485 buses which total length may be up to 2,400 meters.
    • Up to 255 door controllers can be connected to a single control panel. In addition, the control panel can be extended with keyfob receiver, zone and output expansion modules. This allows you to program functionality tailored to the investor’s requirements through logical functions. As a result, the system offers options such as control of barriers, gates, elevators,
      roller shutters, awnings or light.
    • Each ACCO-NT control panel allows creating up to 255 partitions. A single partition can contain
      a number of single doors, which are supervised by the ACCO-KP and ACCO-KPWG controllers.
    • USB connector located on the control panel board simplifies initial configuration of the control panel by the installer.
    • The APS-412 backup power supply unit is responsible for maintaining continuous operation of the control panel even during mains power loss.

    The ACCO-NT control panel can store up to 1,000,000 own events and 100,000 events from each controller, as well as data of 8,000 users.

    Thus, if connection with the server is lost as a result, for example, of internet link failure, full functionality of that part of the system for which the given control panel is responsible will be maintained.

    Controllers and terminals

    Single doors in the building are supervised by door controllers, which are connected to RS-485 bus. This connection enables communication with the ACCO-NT control panel and updating of all modules connected to it at the same time. SATEL’s portfolio includes two door controllers, ACCO-KP and ACCO-KPWG, which are available in two versions: with built-in power supply or without it. The series of ACCO-KP controllers offer excellent compatibility with SATEL devices, and the ACCO‑KPWG series additionally provide support for WIEGAND 26 and Dallas protocols.

    Each of the controllers in the system has the ability to store information about up to 1,024 users and more than 24,000 events in non-volatile memory. This protection enables continuous proper functioning of the system even in the case of deliberate damage to the bus connecting the controllers with the control panel. Once communication is restored, the control panel and server will automatically download the “outstanding” events.

    Terminals used to identify users are connected to the controllers. All models of these devices are provided with a proximity card reader. If access is to be granted based on the code entered or when both those options must be combined, it is necessary to select the terminal with a keypad. It is also possible to connect third-party devices using the WIEGAND 26 protocol, which extends functionality of the system, e.g. by adding fingerprint verification. This option is extremely useful when you have to deal with such premises as secret offices or archives. The controller outputs also allow for connection of bi-directional gates and turnstiles. Operation of the system is facilitated by keyfobs, which can be individually programmed and tailored to the needs of a particular person. Each user of the system can be assigned 4 identifiers (e.g. cards, key tags), code and keyfob.

    You can add the already functioning ACCO systems to the ACCO NET system. You only need to connect the controllers to the ACCO-NT bus and update their firmware.

    Installation of the system

    The ACCO Server is installed on the Debian operating system, which is a free, open source Linux distribution. Debian has a reputation of high-quality and stable system with low hardware requirements. The server can also be installed on the CentOS system, which is accepted by IT security departments in many companies. Both Debian and CentOS, due to their high popularity as well as proven and correct operation, enable the ACCO NET system to be used by a very wide circle of users.

    The specially developed installation script helps the installer to prepare step by step and start the ACCO Server, automatically adding and configuring the elements necessary for proper operation and full functionality of the system, such as: MySQL database, PHP interpreter, Apache Web server, JAVA and ACCO-WEB application server.

    ACCO Soft

    an installer tool for remote configuration of the system

    • creating the system structure
    • creating access control zones
    • configuring ACCO-NT control panels
    • ability to remotely update firmware
      of ACCO-NT control panels
    • adding and configuring expansion modules (INT-E, INT-O, INT-PP, INT-RX-S)
    • defining access pathways
    • creating multilevel maps
    • access from any location in the world


    a tool for remote management
    of the system

    • access from any location in the world
      via the web browser
    • supporting for mobile devices
    • multiple users can log in simultaneously
    • adding and managing users (CZ-USB reader)
    • creating access rules and schedules
    • creating time and attendance reports, also simultaneously for any numer of users
    • viewing events with filtering option
    • operating the system using multilevel maps
    • viewing the state of server, control panels
      and controllers
    • viewing arrangement of cameras
      in the building
    • viewing images from IP cameras
    • Anti-Passback function
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