... are state-of-the-art modules that offer reliable messaging and effective reporting, can be used with any alarm control panel, and support multiple transmission paths. The devices offer a wide range of unique features, including remote control from the GX CONTROL mobile app!

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  • secure protection for apartments, small houses and small companies
  • cable, wireless or hybrid system
  • simple setup with PERFECTA Soft
  • convenient control with PERFECTA CONTROL application



  • secure circuit protection for every facility
  • efficient detection in demanding conditions
  • compact splash-proof IP54 housing
  • broadband, precise sensitivity setup



  • excellent quality of detection in demanding atmospheric conditions
  • active IR antimasking
  • Grade 3 protection level for internal applications



  • quality which fulfils most rigorous norms, including Grade 3 protection level
  • high electricity capability, high efficiency, PFC active
  • thermic, short circuit and overload protection
  • possibility of usage in most demanding installations



  • system control from any place in the world
  • quick and simple installation and setup
  • safe, encrypted sending of data Mobile transmission or Wi-Fi
  • intuitive interface which ensures convenient control over the system every day

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Alarm control panel

The only such compact solution offering: multi-path communication,
dedicated mobile application, fully wireless control and potential to create
a wired, wireless or hybrid system.

Time for VERSA Plus control panel!


On the 8th of December wide range of SATEL's control panels was enreached by innovative INTEGRA 128-WRL. It is a device which combines proven technologies used by other SATEL products. This new product was designed to provide maximum benefits gained by wireless freedom, with the flexibility and functionality of hardwired products. The achievement of the development efforts is the panel which provides the functionality of INTEGRA 128, with built-in GSM/GPRS communicator and ABAX wireless interconnect technology.


The INTEGRA 128-WRL is equipped with 8 programmable hardwired zones, keypads and expansion modules buses and the set of 2 high-current and 6 "open collector" programmable outputs. Additionally, the panel's main board integrates 2A SMPS with battery diagnostic and deep discharge protection features. However, except for these similarities, the INTEGRA 128-WRL clearly differs from standard INTEGRA panels. At the first glance one can see a distinctive three-band GSM/GPRS module and a SIM card socket in the place of standard PSTN dialer. The module used for the new panel is a functional replacement of GSM module, which is used in GSM-4 and GSM LTs, designed for SMT. Just by the GSM unit, a circuitry for ABAX wireless interconnects are located. With such integration, the immunity for common interferences is a crucial aspect. In case of ABAX technology, despite small frequency difference (868MHz for ABAX, 890MHz for GSM), the use of SAW filtering provide proper immunity for neighboring frequencies.

The next difference between standard INTEGRAs and new INTEGRA 128-WRL is the use of an additional processor. It is responsible for the management of ABAX wireless communication, and advanced processing of zones signals. This enables direct support for vibration and roller blinds detectors, with pulse analysis - just like with the new CA-64 E modules. The processor system of INTEGRA 128-WRL is based on FLASH memory, which allow for firmware upgrades without the need to dismantle the equipment. This also enables the support for future wireless devices after they would became available. Just like all other new SATEL panels, the DB9F-RJ cable is used for system programming and firmware upgrades.


In terms of basic functionality, the INTEGRA 128-WRL is virtually identical to the INTEGRA 128. Both of them support up to 128 zones, and allow the system to be split into 32 independent partitions and 8 objects. Similarly, with user codes - both panels allow 240 standard users and 8 system administrator codes. Keypad bus allow to connect 8 LCDs, ETHM-1 modules or synoptic boards. Expansion modules bus support up to 32 devices - all INTEGRA expansion modules are supported by the new panel. The differences occur when considering reporting, messaging and remote control features. In case of reporting, apart from standard telephone formats like 4/2, CID and SIA, there is a support for GPRS reporting. In this case, the data to central station is sent with the use of packet transmission. This have many advantages: low cost of maintenance due to relatively low amount of data, and reduction of transmission problems caused by a low quality link. It should be noted that to utilize GPRS reporting, a central station must be equipped with SATEL TCP/IP receiver such as STAM-1xE card (for STAM central station systems) or SMET-256 for other receivers.

The changes also influence remote control features - SMS control is a completely new feature. With this function, a text message may control the system remotely or selected outputs may be controlled. Depending on system settings, some of the commands may not require a code to be sent if the command was sent from the number which exist on a defined list. This feature may greatly simplify the use of remote control to the end users.


Just like with all other INTEGRA panels, the INTEGRA 128-WRL may be programmed via service mode on the LCD keypad, or DLOADX. In case of service mode, the menu structure is based on the one known from previous INTEGRA models. The only differences are the options for GSM/GPRS configuration and wireless devices configuration. DLOADX programming may be performed locally via RS-232 cable or remotely. With the second option, a computer used to program the panel must have INTERNET access enabled - after the downloading session initialization, the panel will automatically connect to installer's computer via GPRS.


The INTEGRA 128-WRL panel, which combine several new technologies, is a flexible solution for all installations that require highest security and do not allow for full wiring. It's great advantage is a compatibility with a wide range of existing devices - INTEGRA expansion modules and ABAX wireless devices. SATEL's experience, and complex training and technical support ensure trouble free implementations of INTEGRA 128-WRL modern systems.


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