Training for the Customers in Riga

The most valuable form of contact with the Customers is the opportunity to have a direct meeting. Training and presentations is the ideal time both to demonstrate the latest products and to know Customers' opinions and expectations.

Meetings, training and seminars are conducted both in Poland and in the premises of our Distributors around the world.

On 14 August 2014, a seminar was held at the headquarters of the VEGA Serviss company in Riga, Latvia. The participants were mostly Installers. The meeting lasted five hours and covered such topics as the MICRA, ABAX, VERSA, INTEGRA and STAM-2 systems.

The participants were extremely active and engaged throughout the whole meeting. A lot of interesting questions were asked and many discussions took place. The main subjects initiated by the Installers were related to the ABAX wireless system and the wide capabilities of the INTEGRA control panels in the context of home automation. The undeniable highlight was the INT-TSI touch keypad. The participants had an opportunity to try out the potential offered by the most advanced keypad in SATEL's portfolio. Controllable props were specially prepared for the meeting so as to demonstrate live how intuitive, simple and convenient the daily operation of the system with automation components is made by the INT-TSI. Another attraction associated with trying out practically SATEL's solutions was an opportunity to test the MICRA CONTROL mobile application.

The most active participants in the training received awards on behalf of VEGA Serviss and SATEL in the form of SATEL devices, including new products, e.g. TOPAZ Pet detector and the ETHM-1 Plus module.

We thank VEGA Serviss very much for extending a cordial welcome to us in their headquarters and for inviting so many guests.


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