Completion of the training cycle for Russian specialists in 2014

The highest level of solutions used in electronic security systems is for SATEL not only a priority, but also a great source of pride. To enable employees of distribution and redistribution companies from around the world to become better acquainted with the products, their production process and advanced testing methods, SATEL organizes seminars, presentations and training courses. They cover a variety of issues and topics, the degree of their technological advancement being always matched to the level of knowledge and needs of the participants.

In June 2014, SATEL hosted two such meetings. They were part of a training cycle for customers from the Russian market, and were organized in collaboration with ARMO, the long-term exclusive distributor of SATEL's products in Russia. During one of these meetings, which was held on 23-28 June, SATEL had the pleasure to host representatives of the Trading House "Rusichi" (with offices in Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow) and the "Inzhenernye Resheniya", Barnaul. The second training was held on 1-7 June and was entirely intended for the specialists of the ARMO company, which - as a professional distributor - also ensures the highest level of knowledge among its staff. The workshops were attended by employees of the ARMO branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg.

Both training sessions proceeded dynamically, in an atmosphere of complete mutual commitment. The participants were eager to get acquainted with the methods of operation and configuration of the latest SATEL devices from INTEGRA, ABAX and MICRA series, as well as product offerings related to reporting. The INT-TSI touch keypad, recognized by the industry and the users alike, aroused particular interest. Broad capabilities offered in the field of home automation by the INTEGRA devices, and in the field of reporting – by the STAM-2 Pro station and SMET series devices, also enjoyed recognition.

In addition to the workshops, the program of both training sessions included a tour of SATEL's laboratory, tool room, storehouses, as well as design and manufacturing departments. The organization of work and efforts to meet the highest standards at various stages of the development of SATEL's products aroused great interest among the Russian specialists. They also appreciated the great importance SATEL attaches to testing its products. At the end of the seminars organized for both groups, the Russian specialists were presented with certificates of successful completion of the training.

The participants in both June meetings also had the opportunity to meet with SATEL's Management Board and discuss the prospects for the further development of SATEL brand devices and solutions. The two June meetings end this year's series of training sessions organized jointly by ARMO and SATEL. The long-term cooperation between the two companies is very fruitful and takes place in a friendly atmosphere of partnership. Therefore, together with thanks for the existing trouble-free cooperation, SATEL had the pleasure once more to give the certificate of exclusivity for the next year to the ARMO company, entrusting it with support for the dynamic development of the distribution and sales of SATEL's products on the Russian market.


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