The September novelties from Satel

In late summer 2010 SATEL added new products to its offer. Those among them which deserve special attention are the new MICRA alarm module, designed for small-size facilities, and INT-KSG the sensoric keypad for INTEGRA control panels. The offer will be also complemented by: modified door controller modules from the ACCO family, a proximity card reader to control armed mode in partitions, monitoring station system with built-in micro-server, and new accessories.


alarm module with GSM/GPRS communicator

The MICRA alarm module is a device designed for protection of small-size facilities, e.g. holiday cottages, kiosks, technical containers, or workshop buildings, where - in addition to the local alarm - a smooth transfer of hazard information is required. Capability for connecting conventional detectors and sirens, messaging and reporting in GSM/GPRS networks, and control by means of dedicated key fobs or mobile telephone make the MICRA a successful replacement for a small high-performance alarm control panel, wherever efficiency and simplicity is what counts.



sensoric keypad

The new system operating quality, achieved thanks to the changed user interface, and the introduction of sensor matrix are the distinguishing features of the new INT-KSG sensoric keypad for INTEGRA control panels. The large display enables more information to be presented. Four groups of macro commands, each containing up to 16 separate items with additional commands, allows using short sequences of buttons to perform complex system control functions. Other advantages of using a larger display are the ability to choose a set of system information relevant to the user. Confirmation of key touch by individual LED backlight and beep facilitate everyday operations. Another novelty is the use of two programmable inputs with the possibility of determining the values of parametric resistors.



the door controller module with support for WIEGAND protocol


the door controller module with power supply unit and support for WIEGAND protocol

The self-contained door controllers with RS-485 networking capability and support for readers to send data in Wiegand and EM-Marin format complement the current offering in this area. Of note are the enhanced capabilities of both devices regarding the number of possible users and memory capacity. Flash memory retains the settings, also in case of power failure. The ACCO-KPWG-PS has been additionally equipped with power supply.


proximity card reader to control the partition armed mode

The proximity card reader for control of the armed mode in partitions with partition arming / disarming by means of cards or tags. It supports passive transponders with a frequency of 125kHz. It also has 3 programmable partition control modes and 3 LEDs for system status indication and communication with the user during operation. The device works with the VERSA and INTEGRA control panels (connecting directly to the communication bus).

monitoring station system with integrated micro-server

The device allows you to install up to 14 telephone or ethernet cards of the monitoring station and has additional serial COM ports for connection of GSM modules. The PC micro-server incorporated in the system is based on the INTEL ATOM platform and SSD drives. The STAM-IRS has a 7” LCD TFT display to facilitate the local server management. The power supply unit installed in the device lets you connect a back-up battery. The device uses the 19" Server type cover, which enables installation in server cabinets. The use of ATOM CPU and SSD drive makes the STAM-IRS an energy-efficient device.

ANT-OBU-Q – quad band antenna for enclosures

ANT-868 – antenna used for ABAX wireless modules

PIN5/RJ-TTL – cable to connect the ETHM-1 module to VERSA control panels





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