Wireless LCD keypad

Wireless keypad for operating and programming the VERSA series control panels. It is intended for operation as part of the ABAX 2/ABAX two-way wireless system. To connect the keypad to the control panel, a controller is required. In the ABAX 2 system, all transmissions are encrypted in the AES standard.

VERSA-KWRL2 complies with the requirements of EN 50131 Grade 2.

The device is equipped with a display (2x16 characters) and 12 keys (compliance with the telephone standard). Four of them are used to navigate through the menu, as well as to arm the system (in different modes) and disarm it. The keypad can also be used to trigger FIRE, AUX, and PANIC alarms.

The available LEDs indicate the state of partitions and system, while the piezoelectric transducer is responsible for audible indication (of selected events in the system).

VERSA-KWLR2 has a built-in reader of proximity cards and tags for passwordless operation of the alarm system. You can use them to arm the system in full arm mode, disarm the system, and clear alarm.

The display and keys are backlit in white.

The keypad is configured and its firmware is updated remotely. The process is running in the background.

The keypad power source consists of two CR123A 3 V batteries, whose condition is being constantly monitored. The device works in the wake-up or sleep mode (saving energy after 20 seconds of inactivity). For additional reduction of energy consumption, you can disable the proximity card reader (e.g. when it will not be used for operating the alarm system).

VERSA-KWRL2 has tamper protection against opening of the enclosure and/or removal from the mount.

  • certificate of compliance with the EN 50131 Grade 2 requirements
  • works together with the VERSA control panels (version 1.09 or higher)
  • when working as part of the wireless system, a controller is required to connect to the control panel:
  • two-way encrypted radio communication in the 868 MHz frequency band
  • range of radio communication in the open area:
    • in ABAX 2: up to 800 m
    • in ABAX: up to 800 m (with ACU-120) / up to 400 m (with ACU-270)
  • LED indicators of the state of partitions and system
  • white backlight of the display and keys
  • reader of proximity cards/tags
  • audible indication of selected events in the system
  • FIRE, AUX and PANIC alarms triggered from keypad
  • quick activation of selected arm mode using function keys
  • remote configuration and updating of firmware
  • tamper protection against opening of the enclosure and/or removal from the mount
  • power supply: 2 CR123A 3 V batteries
EN-50131 GRADE 2 - Zertifikat




 Technische Daten
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EN-50131 GRADE 2 - Zertifikat
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Technische Daten

Abmessungen des Gehäuses
139 x 124 x 22 mm
280 g
Max. Luftfeuchtigkeit
868,0 ÷ 868,6 MHz
2 x CR123A 3V
Umweltklasse gem. EN50130-5
Maximale Stromaufnhme aus der Batterie BT1
30 mA
Max. Stromaufnahme aus der Batterie BT2 (ausgeschalteter Kartenleser)
30 mA
Max. Stromaufnahme aus der Batterie BT2 (eingeschalteter Kartenleser)
30 mA
Funkreichweite (im Freifeld) für ACU-120
bis 800 m
Funkreichweite (im Freifeld) für ACU-270
bis 400 m
Funkreichweite (im Freifeld) für ACU-220
bis 800 m
Funkreichweite (im Freifeld) für ACU-280
bis 800 m